Offshore Seabed CPT Testing

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Offshore Seabed CPT Testing

Seabed CPT is suitable for almost any project:

  • Shallow Water (SW), up to 150m water depth
  • Medium Deep Water (MDW), up to 500 m
  • Deep Water (DW), up to 1,500 m
  • MyGeo’s Manta100DW has successfully taken CPT tests at shallow water ( 30m @ Labuan) and Deepwater (1200m @ Bestari)

Seabed CPT used for geotechnical testing

  • Pipelines, Ports & harbors
  • Dredging and Construction projects
  • Cable route surveys & Offshore wind farms
  • Environmental and UXO Survey
  • Shallow Gas studies
  • Offshore structures (< 1,500m Water Depth)